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Singatha School Uniform Fund

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Singatha School Uniform Fund

Distributing School Uniforms and Supplies to individual children known to the Members whose attendance at school is jeopardised by their inability to buy school uniforms. This CINDI project is known as Singatha (Singatha means "to support or embrace one who is vulnerable and sad" in isiZulu).

The RIGHT TO EDUCATION is a basic right of any child living in South Africa. Not having a school uniform makes a child more vulnerable and ensures that there is no investment in their futures. CINDI aims to change this by trying to ensure that every child has a uniform, hence a chance to better their futures and fulfil their right to education.

Our most recent donation has come from MAKRO and they donated 78 pairs of shoes. In order for us to create the whole uniform we would need further donations. We are only able to distribute what we receive in donations.

We have often been asked which children are our beneficiaries? CINDI works and prioritises its Members (who are mainly grass roots organisations working with orphaned and vulnerable children in communities). This does not mean that if a case is presented to us that we would not consider it.

Once we have donations Members send names of children the work with who are in need of a school uniform or supplies. What we have is never enough but what have given has made a difference. What want to continue to make this difference in children’s lives through you.

If any school, business or individual would like to 'put their money where their hearts are" and help a child access their right to education by donating towards a uniform, please contact the Director  Rekha Nathoo on +27 33 345 7994 or email her on director@cindi.org.za