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Is CINDI a social development organisation? 
No, CINDI is an NPO and a Children Sector Network.


What is a CBO? 

A community based organisation, sometimes registered sometimes not, set up by community members in direct response to community needs.CBOs are often the only organisations working in hard to reach areas, such are rural communities, and are generally run predominantly through volunteerism.


What is an NGO? 
A non-governmental organisation, also sometimes called an non-profit organisation or NPO in South Africa. These organisations are registered, larger and more resourced than CBOs.


Which areas does CINDI work in? 
Kwazulu-Natal and spilling into other parts of the country and internationally.


What are CINDI’s core areas of activities? 
Capacity Building, Networking, Resource Mobilisation and Advocacy.

IMPACT: Innovative Models of Participation Activating Communities Together


How do I become a member of CINDI? 
Please contact the director at director@cindi.org.za


Who can become a member?

Any organization working in the childrens sector.